Albert Zamarripa

Albert Zamarripa

As Vice President of Property Tax Assistance Company, Albert Zamarripa works closely with California clients and various County Assessor jurisdictions to address cost and value related issues. With over 22 years of experience in property taxes, he has extensive hands-on knowledge regarding property tax laws and appraisal approaches in order to help businesses acquire favorable results that reduces their tax basis.

Albert reviews real and personal property values on behalf of his California clients, as well as help them with complex tax audits. He has presented many tax cases before the Appeals Board regarding complex property audits and valuations. Albert puts copious amounts of effort into each customer process and has a high rate of achieving customer success.

Albert works with clients in various industries, but holds expertise in the following: aerospace, technology and defense, cargo and stevedore operations, high-tech companies, food processing, aggregate mining operations and bio-pharmaceuticals. He has also conducted legislative intent analysis for possessory interest and change in ownership purposes, as well as possesses a deep understanding of financial principals to properly analyze his clients’ asset base.

Albert earned his Bachelor of Science in Finance from California State University, Long Beach. He completed coursework in Machinery and Equipment, as well as Business Valuation from the American Society of Appraisers.